Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

UPDATED TERMS & CONDITIONS (as of August 11, 2022)

Please note tour changes are subject to price change and availability. Any price difference to the new tour date will be outlined with an updated invoice. If the new tour date is lower that the original rate, a refund on the difference will be processed. Should the new tour date be a higher rate, an additional payment will be required.
The new tour date you choose must be within the same year or the following calendar year of the original departure date. It is non-transferable. If you do not travel within the same year or the following calendar year, our normal cancellation policies would apply.

The flexible change policy is valid for any RIT trip operating within 18 months from the original tour date. If you do not rebook within 18 months from your original tour date, our normal cancellation policies will apply. Please note that the land deposit is non-refundable / non-transferable.

This policy is only applicable for the land portion of your trip. Any airfare purchased through RIT is subject to the chosen airlines Terms & Conditions.

Covid-19 Terms & Conditions:
If your RIT trip is postponed or cancelled as a result of a Government travel advisory for Covid-19, or if RIT do not run the trip as a result of a Covid-19 outbreak or risk, you will be issued a future travel credit for the full amount of your trip.

If you choose to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic, please note that you are travelling at your own risk. RIT will make every effort to ensure your safety and limit your exposure to Covid-19 while travelling on your RIT trip, however, we recommend you have all the up-to-date information related to Covid-19 before you travel. If you decide to travel with RIT, please be aware that you assume all risks related to Covid-19 and RIT will not be responsible if you are exposed to the virus while on your vacation. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage. Speak with your travel agent, or contact our reservations team for more information.

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