Haunting Whispers from Irish Castles

Haunting Whispers from Irish Castles

October 23rd, 2023

Ireland, the land of legends and folklore, is home to many ancient castles, each with its own history of kings, battles, and sometimes, even ghosts. Let’s delve into the eerie and intriguing stories that shroud Ballygally Castle, Barberstown Castle, and Ballyseede Castle. These centuries-old fortresses not only stand as architectural marvels but also hold secrets that go bump in the night.

Ballygally Castle – A Ghostly Guest

Photo Credit: Ballygally Castle

Perched on the tip of the famous Causeway Coastal Route and built in the 17th century, Ballygally Castle is famed for its breathtaking views and charming hospitality. It’s also renowned for a resident ghost, Lady Isabella Shaw, who has been a part of the castle’s history for over 400 years. Legend has it that she fell to her death from the tower while escaping her husband’s cruelty.

Her spirit is believed to roam the castle’s hallways, with an eerie twist. Lady Isabella is said to be a friendly ghost who often appears in the night, knocking on guests’ doors before disappearing. She seems to be searching for something, or perhaps someone. The brave of heart may stay in the “Ghost Room” where Lady Isabella’s presence is most strongly felt.

Barberstown Castle – The Nameless Lady

Photo Credit: Barberstown Castle

Heading southwest to County Kildare is Barberstown Castle, a 13th-century hidden gem that is now a luxurious hotel. It’s not just the castle’s elegance that captivates visitors; it’s also the story of a nameless lady.

Wrapped in a cloak, the ghost of a nameless lady is reported to have visited Room Four, the Katherine Dillon room, not once, not twice, but three times. The friendly spirit smiles at guests then turns and slips out the window.

Ballyseede Castle – The Smell of Roses

Photo Credit: Ballyseede Castle

Ballyseede Castle in County Kerry is a testament to the past, where history seeps from every stone. Built in the 17th century and surrounded by 30 acres of private gardens and woodlands, it was here that the Blennerhassett family, a well-heeled noble family from Cumberland in England, first built a property in 1721. Hilda, the last surviving member of the Blennerhassett family at Ballyseede who worked as a nurse in France during WWI, is said to still appear in Ballyseede to this day.

It has been reported by people that they get a very strong smell of roses around the main staircase (though no roses are ever present). The scent is an eerie aromatic announcement that precedes the appearance of the spirit of Hilda. She is mostly seen “roaming around” the upper floor bedrooms of the castle and the main staircase. Patrons who frequent the hotel bar recall catching glimpses of an old woman in a black Victorian dress.

Whether you’re visiting Ballygally Castle, Barberstown Castle, or Ballyseede Castle for a tranquil getaway or an adventurous ghost hunt, these stories add an extra layer of mystique to your experience. You can visit any one of these castles on a RIT Vacation.

Have you had any ghostly encounters in Irish castles? Share your tales with us!

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