Have you met Ian?

Have you met Ian?

Get to know a little about our Founder & President

October 20th, 2020

Where were you born?

Dublin , Ireland

When did you start RIT?

I started RIT in 2001. I felt at this time there was a need for a specialist selling Ireland. At that time you had to contact a company that not only sold Ireland, but several other destinations around the world. I saw this as an opening in the market, a niche operator and here we are 20 years successful  later.

With all of your experience, what have you learned throughout the years?

Focusing on one destination gave us the opportunity to hone our expertise and present a great product, really well. As our team grew over the years, we learned that investing in a knowledgeable staff was key to a solid foundation and a successful operation.

RIT is a family business at heart. What does that mean to you?

Starting a small business required long hours, and weekends were spent catching up on paperwork. Our kids were often playing in the office and eventually began helping with filing, mailing, ticketing and many other tasks. Family road trips in Ireland reviewing accommodations and attractions organically led to product knowledge and an interest in a working role. Our kids have a passion for both Ireland and the family business, and for me this means the long term continuity of what has been my passion.

If someone could only go to Ireland once in their lifetime, what itinerary should they take?

Our 15 day Shamrock Royal coach tour would be my favourite way for people to experience the magic of Ireland. It is a first class, leisurely paced journey highlighting the culture, history, amazing people and the stunning beauty of the Emerald Isle. I would certainly recommend this to first time visitors.

What’s your favourite thing about being in Ireland?¬†

I look forward to going home to Ireland to see my son Ronan, who works in our Dublin office. I also enjoy visiting my family, friends and catching up with my travel colleagues throughout Ireland. You can’t beat the Irish pubs for some great food, craic and music!

What sets RIT apart?

Our superior product knowledge and exceptional staff both in Canada and Ireland give RIT a serious competitive advantage.

If you could buy only one souvenir, what would it be?

There are always bags of Tayto cheese and onion chips in my suitcase.

What’s something people might not know about travelling to Ireland?

Ireland is just a short hop away from Canada – just under 6 hours. It is a small country about 3 hours wide and six hours long by car. It now has some of the best locally grown farm to table cuisine in the world.

Are there any hidden gems in Ireland you would recommend?

A visit to Howth Harbour in Dublin, near where I grew up. Fresh fish of the boats, restaurants, pubs and music and stunning cliff walks to build up an appetite.  Step back in time and be sure to stop and enjoy the quaint towns and charming villages along your way.
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